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Starting a Project & Curating a Work

To start a crowdfunding project, click on the “Start A Project” link from the banner above. To start showcasing or curating a completed work, click on the “Share A Work” link from the banner above. (You must be logged in to access those two links).


To complete the forms, read the help information below each field. Fill out relevant fields. Only those marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Browsing Crowdfunding Projects & Curated Works

Click on “Browse Projects” to check out projects that are being crowdfunded.


Click on “Browse Works” to check out the completed works shared by creators or curated by users of You can browse the works by category by using the drop down menu at the top of the page.

Setting up rewards or perks for a project campaign

Go to your project page.


Click on “Rewards” button or tab to “Create New Pledge” (without rewards) or “Create New Pledge with Rewards” to give your supporter perks in return for their support.


“Crowdfunding Overview” tab shows the progress of your project's campaign.


“Contributions” tab list your contributors and the amount contributed.

Two Ways to Support Creative Works

Crowdfund a project. For crowdfunding projects, you can make your pledges first. Various payment options will be displayed at the Thank You page. Your pledge amount is added to your Creators Node ( bill total. You are responsible for paying your bills as soon as possible. Failure to do so could affect your “Reputation” record.


Donate to a Creative. For donation to the Creatives, payment options are also displayed right after making a pledge. Pledges and donations are made by clicking on the Donate button of the Creative's page.


The following payment options are available at this time:

– Online banking bill payment (RBC, BNS, BMO, CIBC, TD). Just add Creators Node as payee for Bill Payments, and enter the 9 digit Creators Node account provided to you when registering an account. An account # is provided to all registered users whose accounts have been activated.

– Paypal / Credit card

– Telpay

– Bitcoin (Only direct via Creators at this time)


Receiving Payments

To receive funds (donated by funders to you or your project), please mail a VOID cheque or e-mail a scanned copy to us. This will help facilitate the transfer of the total contributions to your financial institutions. ID might be required to meet financial regulations and laws.


We have various payout schedules (please see fees schedule) to see which option for receiving funds is better for you. Please take into consideration bank holds and clearance delays when estimating when the funds will be received.