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Robert Lowdown, Fine Art Photography

Robert Lowdown photographs easily stand out whether he is capturing a landscape, people or events. His photographs live up to his slogan of "Images that inspire".

Wildfire Games

Wildfire games is a global group of volunteer game developers working on a free and open source game of ancient warfare called "0 A.D."


Zander Howard-Scott

Zander Howard-Scott is a musician who is proficient with various instruments, a natural composer, can arrange existing songs to give them new character.



Prometreus and the Solar Powered Plane / Drone Project

One of the favourite projects of a DIY makers / tinkerers is to build a drone.

Pinnguaq – merging culture, learning and fun

Pinnguaq, a company founded by Ryan Oliver in 2012, makes community advocacy and learning about culture fun and entertaining.

Flo - Soul Singer

Flo is an artist who delivers music with soul and substance.