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Prometreus and the Solar Powered Plane / Drone Project

One of the favourite projects of a DIY makers / tinkerers is to build a drone.

Pinnguaq – merging culture, learning and fun

Pinnguaq, a company founded by Ryan Oliver in 2012, makes community advocacy and learning about culture fun and entertaining.

Robert Lowdown, Fine Art Photography

Robert Lowdown photographs easily stand out whether he is capturing a landscape, people or events. His photographs live up to his slogan of "Images that inspire".

Wildfire Games

Wildfire games is a global group of volunteer game developers working on a free and open source game of ancient warfare called "0 A.D."


Zander Howard-Scott

Zander Howard-Scott is a musician who is proficient with various instruments, a natural composer, can arrange existing songs to give them new character.



Flo - Soul Singer

Flo is an artist who delivers music with soul and substance.